From Criminals To Terrorists And Back? Quarterly Report: The Netherlands, vol. 2

Publication Preview

The second and final report on the Netherlands‘ crime-terror nexus has analysed all fourteen profiles of individuals arrested in 2015 for offences of terrorism. Criminal past among terrorism offenders appears to be quite prevalent in this country and this study providing a snapshot of 2015 shows 10 of the 14 arrestees have had a run-in with the law before. Looking at other aspects of their lives, one sees the terrorist population is a younger one with almost half of them suffering from some kind of mental illness.

The study also briefly touches upon the phenomenon of foreign fighters and radicalisation so to get a more well-rounded picture of the state of Dutch terrorism in 2015, please read the full report prepared by Jessica Sciarone MSc and Bart Schuurman, PhD, both affiliated with the Institute of Security and Global Affairs at the Leiden University below.