Revisiting Scenarios For Europe: Central and Eastern European Perspectives

GLOBSEC is proud to present Revisiting Scenarios For Europe: Central  and Eastern European Perspectives, a Future of Europe Report by co-authors Kinga Brudzińska, Vladislava Gubalova, Alena Kudzko, Tomáš A. Nagy, Nolan Theisen, Jakub Wiśniewski.

After a rollercoaster 2016, last year saw a plethora of suggestions for reforming the European Union. The entire continent is talking about the future of Europe. Between October 27 and 28, GLOBSEC’s Tatra Summit 2017 added to these discussions with expert analysis of existing proposals and our own ideas to find a way forward. To date, the overwhelming majority of visions that have received most attention have stemmed from EU institutions or older member states like France or Germany. And while we considered these visions from our lofty vantage point in the Tatra mountains, our enquiry nevertheless had a Central and Eastern European perspective. We aim to help shape a future that is good for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the entire EU.

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Future of Europe CEE Jan 2018