16.07.2021 - Western Balkans: The key puzzle piece of the European Security. Exclusive discussion hosted by GLOBSEC with H.E. Milo Đukanović, President of Montenegro


Friday, 16 July 2021

14:00  15:00 CEST

The event will be live-streamed on this page (on the video tile below) and on our social media channels.

The COVID-19 pandemic out of nowhere became our most crucial challenge. It was a threat not only for Europe but for the entire globe during 2020 and 2021. The general meaning of security has taken on a new dimension after the virus spread. However, the global pandemic did not eliminate other challenges that Europe needs to face. The unstable situation at the European borders, the geopolitical impact of Russia, China or Turkey and the significantly increasing trend of radicalisation and extremism are all subjects of discussion for European leaders and decision-makers. These mentioned challenges became phenomena within all European countries. However, there is one crucial region, where these challenges are amplifying already considerable instability – the Western Balkans. Montenegro, as a NATO member and aspirant for EU membership, plays a key role in regional security. Therefore, we are honoured that GLOBSEC has the privilege to discuss current challenges and the most pressing issues for the Western Balkans with President of Montenegro H.E. Milo Đukanović. 

Topical Framework:  

  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Western Balkans – how could European Union help more (vaccine solidarity, countering disinformation, common approach to international travel,...)
  • Presentation of the most important goals and challenges for the regional security
  • Euro - Atlantic integration of the Western Balkans countries – common long-term goal or unreal dream?
  • How to eliminate the significant geopolitical influence of foreign actors like Russia, China or Turkey?
  • Increasing trend of nationalism and radicalism – how to counter them in the Western Balkans conditions?


  • H.E. Milo Đukanović, President of Montenegro  

Led by:

  • Alena KudzkoDirector, GLOBSEC Policy Institute