CEP-GLOBSEC Webinar: Mapping Violent Right-Wing Extremist Groups – Who’s Who in Czechia and Slovakia


In the framework of the project Counter-Extremism Project (CEP), GLOBSEC continued on April 26 with the presentation of the most recent findings of the research on combating and financing of violent extremism, this time in Slovakia and Czechia.

The presence of violent right-wing extremist groups in Central Europe since the 1990’s is not a novelty, however, in recent years, these movements have become increasingly vocal, active, engaged, and violent. The global COVID-19 pandemic as well as the war in Ukraine have added additional themes to their ideological messages, or “alternative narratives”, as some right–wing movements choose to label them. 

The webinar targeted the role of these parties’ radical messaging in Slovakia and Czechia and their influence on the electorate. All Central European countries are experiencing similar developments in this regard, despite their historical, national, and cultural differences.