GLOBSEC – Atlantic Council Joint Event: Transform Europe Initiative workshop on European energy security and climate challenge


The workshop organized by GLOBSEC and the Atlantic Council in Bratislava is the third event in a series on European decarbonization being organized by the Atlantic Council together with various institutional partners across European capitals over the course of 2023. The main goal of the partnership is to advance decarbonisation through transatlantic cooperation.

he discussions highlighted the complexity of the energy transition and the importance of comprehensive strategies to achieve a sustainable and secure energy future for the EU. 

Opening the event were Ms. Ditte Juul Jørgensen, Director General for Energy at the European Comission, and Peter Dovhun, Minister of Economy of Slovakia.

Key outcomes of the discussion include:

  • EU member states need to work together and establish a European platform to aggregate power demand through joint purchasing was underscored
  • The EU should establish a competitive and sustainable supply chain to support its energy transition
  • The role of nuclear power in achieving carbon neutrality was acknowledged, alongside the commitment to affordability and social considerations in the pursuit of green energy
  • The importance of long-term planning, grid optimization, and cybersecurity measures was underscored
  • Diversifying partnerships while avoiding competition with EU partners and third countries, aligning global efforts, and considering the spillover effects of investments in developing countries were also emphasized


Peter Dovhun, Minister of Economy of Slovakia "We would like to apply a bias-free approach to keep the competitiveness of our industry, with the social element in mind, decarbonization will make our country prosperous”.

The energy transition is more about “making our society green, sustainable, and secure” stressed Director General Jørgensen. Jørgensen highlighted that the Green Deal is not only an environmental endeavor but also a means of ensuring affordable energy for Europeans. Resilient supply chains and raw materials, including rare earth metals essential for constructing green energy devices and systems, are a crucial aspect of the “broader Green Deal package”.