Moving Towards Coherence NATO Policy on Artificial Intelligence and Innovation


Artificial Intelligence, in its current wave, is primarily centered on Machine Learning, including deep learning. One way of understanding Machine Learning is that it consists of automated statistical learning algorithms that are trained on large datasets, such that they become very effective at correctly recognizing patterns and making predictions when encountering new real-world data. The data in question can be of any type: numbers, text, audio, images, video – if it can be digitized, it can be used.

For a few years, MachineLearning algorithms have been performing better than humans on a quite broad range of pattern recognition and prediction tasks. With the ongoing development of appropriate sensor technologies, our near future will be a world of intelligent, connected devices –autonomous devices – capable of determining their own courses of action to solve particular objectives. This may occur with the devices acting alone, in collaboration with other robotic systems, or in human-machine teams. New autonomous devices will exist in cyberspace as well as in the physical domains of air, land, sea, and space.