The Internet of Things: Applications for Business. Exploring the transformative potential of IoT

on 29.06.2020

Anushka Kaushik, Associate Fellow in the Cyber Resilience Programme at the GLOBSEC Policy Institute in Bratislava presents and analyses security and privacy risks associated with IoT, offering recommendations on how to address the challenges facing the adoption of intelligent actions within IoT (p. 32 – 34). 

Kaushik explains “IoT devices have two principle attack surfaces (the technical term for places where malicious attackers will try and enter the system): the sensor or robotics equipment on the device itself and the connection between the device and the internet. 

To read more go to the report here. 

The report developed by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) with support from China Telecom Global summarises the key findings of the Internet of Things (IoT) put together by a team of EIU researchers, writers, and editors 

In 2019, in its Economist Technology Quarterly report, The Economist identified the second phase of the Internet of Things. Along with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, IoT is at the centre of the digitalisation of the world economy. Despite multiple advantages that could advance our daily life experiences, IoT, if not approached with care and precaution, poses a number of risks.

The paper analyses IoT technology, examines existing use cases across six sectors, including healthcare, transport, logistics, or energy, explores the challenges currently holding back greater adoption and presents some of the solutions to these challenges.


Senior Research Fellow and Cyber Lead



Senior Research Fellow and Cyber Lead