21.1.2021 - The Private Sector's Contribution to Alliance Security


21 January 2021 (Thursday)

4 PM – 6 PM CET

NATO leaders have asked the Secretary-General to lead a forward-looking reflection on NATO’s future, NATO 2030. As part of this effort, NATO seeks to strengthen its engagement with civil society, youth and the private sector.

This is why NATO is launching the NATO 2030: NATO-Private Sector Dialogues. Facilitated by GLOBSEC, the dialogues will look to deepen the involvement of the private sector across the transatlantic sphere and galvanize their activity in advancing NATO’s collective security agenda.

This initiative began with a conference on November 25th focusing on The Future of Warfare and the Role of New and Emerging Technologies that brought together experts from the fields of technology, security, and public policy.

Going forward, and into 2021, six NATO 2030 dialogues will explore how the private sector can contribute to addressing the most pressing technology-based security risks and contribute to increasing societal resilience across the Alliance. GLOBSEC is proud to have been selected by NATO to lead the engagement with the private sector on this high-profile project.

This event is the second in a series of dialogues, focused on the topic of The Private Sector's Contribution to Alliance Security. It will aim to highlight the importance of both maintaining and cultivating public-private sector cooperation on a wide range of issues where Allied security and private sector concerns overlap. Given the ever-increasing interdependence of the public and private sector, these conversations are essential. Following the introductory session, audience members will split off into pre-assigned breakout rooms for more in-depth conversations. Each breakout room will focus on a different subtopic related to public-private collaboration, including Situational Awareness, Established and Emerging Critical Infrastructure, Investment and Ownership, and Enhancing Competition and Innovation.

Although this event is closed-door and will be governed by Chatham House Rule, we will bring you a summary of the most important take-aways in the upcoming days.

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