Forging Economic and Security Ties: CEE and Taiwan in the New Global Era


On Thursday, 30th November 2023, GLOBSEC organized a conference at the Grand Hotel River Park in Bratislava, titled "Forging Economic and Security Ties: CEE and Taiwan in the New Global Era." The gathering brought together representatives from both the public and private sectors fostering insightful dialogues and strategic discussions, centered around two engaging panel discussions at the heart of current global dynamics.

The first panel discussion, titled "Strengthening Economic Ties: CEE and Taiwan," provided a deep dive into the strategic partnerships between the CEE countries and Taiwan. Spearheaded by Cynthia Kiang, Jana Havlíková, Karol Galek, and Matej Šimalčík, the dialogue centered around the CEE's ambition to evolve into a high-tech hub and Taiwan's global dominance in semiconductor manufacturing. The session shed light on various aspects of CEE-Taiwan cooperation such as infrastructure development, collaborative research, and the challenges and opportunities arising from Taiwan's increasing foreign direct investment in the CEE region.

The second panel, "The Evolving Global Security Landscape: Democracies, Autocracies, and Strategic Relationships," provided a timely analysis of the shifting global security dynamics. Featuring insights from Dr. Roy Chun Lee, Gen. John Allen, Mariia Mezentseva, Tomáš Valášek, Ivan Štefanec, and Bryce Wakefield the discussion revolved around the escalating tensions between democracies and autocracies, with a focus on the implications of the ongoing war in Ukraine and the Taiwan Strait tensions. The session evaluated the evolving strategies in global security and the potential impact of these developments on future international relations and alliances. The event concluded with a call for continued dialogue and cooperation, highlighting the significance of such platforms in shaping the future of global economic and security policies.

Learn more in the agenda below and watch the video recap.