Press release

GLOBSEC 2021 Bratislava Forum Side Event Summary - Beating Cancer Plan


Tuesday, 15 June 2021

It is no exaggeration to express that our society is experiencing a “pandemic” of oncological diseases and current efforts to revise our health care systems must face new challenges in this area.

At the 2021 edition of GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum, we organized a closed-door moderated discussion of experts related to the CEE Beating Cancer Plan, a joint initiative of GLOBSEC and organization OnkoAliancia Slovakia, which reflects the growing trend in the number of oncological diseases and unfavorable numbers in the treatment and mortality of oncological patients in the CEE region.

Discussion led by John Barter - GLOBSEC Senior VP and hosted following speaker:

Malgorzata Anna Bogusz (European Economic and Social Committee-member, Europe’s beating cancer plan-rapporteur, Poland)

Lucia Ďuriš Nicholson (EP-member, Renew Europe Group-member).

Prof. Péter Nagy, M.D. (Scientific Director at the National Institute of Oncology, Hungary)

Martin Smatana (Health Data Analyst, Institute of Health Data Policies at MoH of Slovak republic-former director)

Daniela Kállayová (Ministry of Health of Slovak republic-Department of Public Health, Screening and Prevention)

Štefan Korec, M.D. (Clinical Oncologist, Medical Expert with experience from EU & US, Executive Director of patients organization OnkoAliance)

You can find the full summary from the session below.