Press release

GLOBSEC collaborates with Czech partners of the Preparatory Committee for the GLOBSEC Forum 2024


Prague, May 9, 2024 – GLOBSEC has joined forces with several important figures of the Czech Republic and created the Preparatory Committee for the GLOBSEC Forum 2024. This initiative aims to establish a platform for collaboration with Czech counterparts, ensuring their support in the creation of the program and conference guest invitations.

The Preparatory Committee for the GLOBSEC Forum 2024 met for its inaugural session in Prague on May 2, 2024. "The high foreign policy reputation of the Czech government and the strategic importance of Prague make it an ideal place to support international dialogue and spread the constructive voice of Central Europe. I am convinced that the Preparatory Committee will play a key role in achieving this goal. Because of it, I firmly believe that we will demonstrate the immense success of this novel form of collaboration in creating the event's program, engaging with key guests, and communicating with the Czech government, the non-governmental and media environments, as well as the diplomatic community. In this Committee, we have succeeded in gathering high-level individuals with rich experience in diplomatic, political, academic and business circles. As such, I would like to thank all of the members for their active support," said Róbert Vass, Founder and President of GLOBSEC.

The chairman of the Preparatory Committee is Petr Kolář, foreign policy advisor to the Czech President Petr Pavel. Other prestigious members of the Committee also include Michael Žantovský, former ambassador of the Czech Republic to the United Kingdom and the USA, currently Senior Fellow at the Center for Transatlantic Relations at CEVRO University; Zbyněk Pavlačík, chairman and founder of the association Jagello 2000; and Jan Macháček, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Politics and Society. On behalf of GLOBSEC, the Preparatory Committee is also privileged to have Petr Pudil, member of GLOBSEC's Board of Directors, and Miroslav Wlachovský, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia and a distinguished fellow at GLOBSEC.

The GLOBSEC Forum 2024 will be held in Prague from August 30 to September 1. The framework topics of the 19th edition of the conference will be the priorities of the European Commission following the European Parliament elections, continuation of support for Ukraine in the political, military and economic spheres, and implementation of the conclusions from the July NATO summit in Washington, D.C. Conference guests will also discuss the upcoming presidential elections in the United States and their significance for transatlantic and European security, and Europe's role in de-escalating the situation in the Middle East, as well as the impact of technology on geopolitics and geoeconomics.