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GLOBSEC Forum 2024 will be held in Prague


Bratislava, 5 March 2024: GLOBSEC Forum 2024 will be held in Prague from 30 August to 1 September. This decision is the result of GLOBSEC's long-term effort to strengthen its Central European brand identity and also to diversify its activities across Central Europe.

"The decision to hold GLOBSEC Forum 2024 in Prague this year marks a symbolic step towards fostering more intensive regional cooperation. The rich history and strategic importance of Prague make it an ideal location to facilitate international dialogue and amplify the constructive voice of Central Europe." said Robert Vass, President and Founder of GLOBSEC. "Furthermore, we are truly grateful for the patronage of the Czech president, which underscores the significance of international cooperation. In collaboration with Czech partners from governmental, non-governmental, and private sectors, we aim to leverage our 18 years of experience and organize a successful 19th edition of this conference in Prague," he added.

One of the catalysts for this decision is the increased global interest in the GLOBSEC Forum, especially considering that the year 2024 holds significant international political importance. "The international security situation is unprecedented, with the stability of the world order fundamentally challenged and continuously tested on several fronts, including Ukraine, the Middle East, and other regions. The North Atlantic Alliance is celebrating its 75th anniversary, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of NATO and EU expansion. The war in Ukraine is entering its third year. Moreover, the American presidential elections and the European parliamentary elections will profoundly influence the future of transatlantic relations and global security. The GLOBSEC Forum aims to serve as a platform for constructive dialogue within the transatlantic community and with partners from various parts of the world," explained R. Vass.

"Globsec is a significant international conference contributing to the cultivation of dialogue on foreign and security policy issues, which is much needed in today's world. I am looking forward to it taking place in Prague this year and to highlighting its Central European dimension,” President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel reacted after signing the official auspices.

In recent years, GLOBSEC has expanded its international presence by opening offices in Vienna, Kyiv, Brussels, and establishing its GLOBSEC U.S. foundation in Washington. It has formed an international Board of Directors led by former Austrian Vice-Chancellor Wilhelm Molterer, strengthened its International Advisory Council, and initiated collaborations with several European governments. According to R. Vass, GLOBSEC now "aspires to be a Central European organization with global reach, not merely a local organization with regional reach."

While the GLOBSEC Forum 2024 relocates to Prague, the headquarters of the GLOBSEC organization will remain in Bratislava. In Slovakia, GLOBSEC will continue to develop its flagship Tatra Summit, one of the most prestigious conferences on the future of Europe and its economy in the region. Additionally, it will strengthen its Slovak based activities aimed at economic development, investments, innovation, and the future of Europe. GLOBSEC will also continue with other projects and programmes it has been engaged in for a considerable time.

"GLOBSEC is a successful Central European brand, that has outgrown the borders of Slovakia and Central Europe. If it aspires to have global ambition, it must continue to strengthen its Central European dimension. That is why we are diversifying our activities in Central Europe," added Robert Vass.

More information about the 2024 Forum can be found at its official microsite here.

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About GLOBSEC: GLOBSEC is a global think-tank based in Bratislava committed to enhancing security, prosperity, and sustainability in Europe and throughout the world. It is an independent, non-partisan, non-governmental organisation. With its presence in Bratislava, Brussels, Kyiv, Vienna, and Washington, GLOBSEC's mission is to influence the future by generating new ideas and solutions for a better and safer world. To this goal contributes the annual GLOBSEC Forum, one of the leading global security conferences. GLOBSEC also organises the annual GLOBSEC Tatra Summit, a conference that provides the opportunity for experts to have fruitful political discussions on the future of Europe.