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GLOBSEC Launches Its Flagship Ukraine Support Council

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Bratislava, 16th September 2022: GLOBSEC, the largest independent think tank in Central Europe, has launched its flagship Ukraine Support Council (USC). The main idea of the Council is to provide tailor-made advice in the form of sets of studies and pilot projects.

In direct response to Ukraine’s primary needs, the USC will focus its activities on two key areas: Ukraine’s accession to the European Union and the reconstruction of Ukraine, as well as its integration into Central Europe. Comprised of renowned statespersons, professionals, businessmen, and academics with relevant expertise, the USC will be GLOBSEC’s central initiative to provide specialized advice, ideas, and expert insight to Ukraine. It will also work towards increasing Ukrainian resiliency, supporting Ukraine’s post-war rebuilding, modernizing Ukrainian statehood, and ensuring sustainable economic prosperity. The USC will function as a driving force in creating a vision for the future of Ukraine with the aid of Western allies.

The Council is chaired by Jan Krzysztof Bielecki, Poland’s former Prime Minister, and consists of renowned experts, political and business figures, and champions of international diplomacy. Whilst the Council’s membership is still evolving, more than half of it consists of Ukrainian nationals.

“The Ukraine Support Council is a much-needed and worthy initiative that focuses on promoting Ukraine’s EU accession and its reconstruction. Our project is marked by a diverse membership, including Americans, Central and Western Europeans, and most importantly, a very strong representation of experienced Ukrainians,” said Jan Krzysztof Bielecki, the Council’s chair.

The USC’s mission is to support Ukraine’s path forward to becoming a constructive partner capable of bringing solutions to future challenges while simultaneously embodying the values of liberal democracy and the rule of law.

“I am very pleased that we have launched this kind of initiative. GLOBSEC is determined to support the process of modernization of the Ukrainian statehood. As the largest independent think tank in the region, based in a proximity to the Ukrainian border, we are uniquely positioned to lead such an effort. We aim to create a driving force to develop an ambitious vision for Ukraine’s European and democratic future and build comprehensive support among Western allies for the roadmap to achieve it,” commented Róbert Vass, President and Founder of GLOBSEC.

The USC has launched two task forces and will begin by conducting studies on the state of Ukraine’s accession process, societal perceptions of Ukrainian refugees, and economic and SME development in Central Europe, amongst many other projects. GLOBSEC will act as a facilitator of these projects. This will be done through providing conceptual and administrative support as well as through managing the project, which will be led by GLOBSEC Vice-President Alena Kudzko and the Future of Security Programme Director Marcin Zaborowski and Distinguished Fellow Pavlo Sheremeta. GLOBSEC will be responsible for ensuring the consistency of the projects, quality of products submitted for the Council’s consideration and promotional efforts.