ukraine electricity

The Resilience of Local Rural Communities Facing the Destruction of Centralised Energy Infrastructure

on 19.12.2022

The high risks of ongoing electricity supply suspension due to Russian targeted attacks on the critical infrastructure of Ukraine actualise the solutions for the independence of critical functions of local communities from centralised energy supply. International and national aid provision is usually concentrated on urban communities. Meanwhile, the resilience of rural communities is not less important, especially due to the crucial role of rural areas in food security and their potential to shelter a part of city dwellers during periods of heavy blackouts.

The resilience required to enable local rural communities to independently cover the urgent needs in energy supply to provide critically important functions, rationalise energy spending by energy efficient modernisation and engage the locally produced bioenergetic potential. Solving Ukraine’s energy resilience issues represents the important track of prospective long-term Ukraine-EU cooperation, in particular – bringing new value-added to EU Recovery and Resilience Facility.

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