Press release

GLOBSEC Vaccination Trends: Perceptions from Central & Eastern Europe Going Global - media outreach

on 26.05.2021

As a celebration of GLOBSEC’s commitment to shaping the world by generating new ideas, we are proud to announce that the findings of the GLOBSEC Vaccination Trends: Perceptions from Central & Eastern Europe report reached readers from all around the world via more than 270 media mentions.

The unique data on perceptions of the prospects of vaccination against COVID-19 in Central and Eastern Europe was picked up by multilingual media outlets operating on an international level such as Euronews, Yahoo News, Terra, Delfi and BBC. The outreach of the findings was truly global, as at least one media outlet covered the report findings in all continents, except for Antarctica.

In Europe, media outlets that covered the report findings included: Sky News, Politico, Polska Times, Today, Observador and Reuters.

In Asia, the unique data were covered by media outlets such as AsiaOne, The Japan News and Haaretz.

In Africa, the report findings resonated through the South African SABC News.

In Australia, the findings found a way into the news section of media outlets such as The Canberra Times, Newcastle Herald and The West Australian.

In North America, outlets such as Forbes Mexico, Yahoo News, CNN, New York Times and Bloomberg referenced the report findings in the stories connected to the willingness to get vaccinated in Central and Eastern Europe.

In South America, the story found its way into Splash of UOL, the Brazilian fifth most visited website and the Argentinian El Intransigente.

The GLOBSEC Vaccination Trends: Perceptions from Central & Eastern Europe report was published on 27 April 2021 to provide insights into the current prospects of achieving herd immunity against COVID-19 in the CEE.

Read more about the key findings and willingness to get vaccinated among Central and Eastern Europeans here.