GLOBSEC Megatrends 2020


In the early days of 2020, the world woke up into a totally changed reality – that of a global pandemic paralysing production chains, transport networks, and the social life of communities and individuals, whilst casting a great shadow of uncertainty on further development and growth.

The post-COVID world emerging from the crisis called for an urgent need to devise new functional models of operation for society, economy and politics. The GLOBSEC’s Megatrends report is a way to identify trends so that policy solutions can be shaped reflecting these circumstances.

Megatrend #1 looked at the strain of the multilateral political situation with the acceleration of China’s position as a global superpower, and the effect this could have on the European Union as it faces an era of internal fragmentation.

Other Megatrends gave us a glimpse into the mutualisation of debt, the volte-face on the policy of freedom of movement, and the sustainability agenda as real tangible health and economic threat as we turn a corner where these issues must be addressed.

The digital transition was also revealed as something which cannot be ignored, affecting the labour market and foreign policy in terms of propaganda and disinformation, whilst even being a medium of fundamentalism and populism.

GLOBSEC Megatrends was built up from crowdsourced intelligence from top minds in the fields of economy, security and international relations. Each Megatrend supplied an intriguing part of the picture of the way policy solutions should be steered post-pandemic.


The end result of this intensive analysis is a stark, detailed account and forecast of how we stand going forward, with surprising and intriguing information - and Megatrends – 10 in all - on the path we need to forge going forward in the coming decades.
You can download and read now the full report below.