Tatra Summit 2021 Top Takeaways - Forged in Crisis: European Economy Rebuilt Better


Jean Monnet famously proclaimed that “Europe will be forged in crisis and will be the sum of the solutions adopted for those crises.” Europe is no stranger to crises, and as envisioned by Monnet, crises catalyzed some of the most powerful breakthroughs in its architecture. As the pandemic gradually subsided, heads of states, central bankers, international organization chiefs, private sector leaders, and the civil society convened at the 10th edition of the GLOBSEC Tatra Summit to discuss how to best seize this opportunity for Europe.

GLOBSEC Tatra Summit 2021 provided a single conversation juncture for discussions on the prospects of European economic recovery being challenged not only by the pandemic but also other forces, including digitalization, take up on new technologies, the future of monetary policy, the quest for sustainability, green growth and more. The conference provided a cozy environment for high-level networking, bilateral and multilateral meetings with partners, and informal discussions at its side-lines.

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