Press release

On the Recent Expulsion of Russian Diplomats From Slovakia


A few days ago, the new Slovak government under the leadership of Igor Matovič made a bold decision to expel three Russian diplomats from Slovakia. Slovak Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence, as well as intelligence services, reacted to the breach of the Vienna convention on the part of Russian diplomats in question. The decision was an understandable reaction to the activities of Russian diplomats that were clearly not up to diplomatic standards. This happened after Russian diplomats have recently been expelled also from Germany in relation to a gruesome murder of a Georgian citizen (allegedly orchestrated by the Kremlin). The person implicated in the murder obtained a visa under false pretences from a Slovak consulate in St Petersburg.

GLOBSEC believes in dialogue that builds bridges and provides platforms for political actors across the divides. We would welcome Russia’s constructive engagement in areas such as fighting the pandemic, non-proliferation, the Middle East process or reform of the UN. However, dialogue cannot be possible without a common platform of values such as the rule of law and human rights. Russia as a member of the OSCE subscribed to these common rules.