Innovative Solutions for Our Cities


How would you revive the fortunes of a post-industrial city that, despite massive investment in infrastructure and the economy, still suffers from high unemployment and anti-social behaviour? What role will modern technologies play in your solutions?

In an era when the development of new technologies is exponential, GLOBSEC City Challenge offers university students, startups and young professionals a great opportunity to highlight their critical thinking skills.

The competition is set in Pijova-Rocla, an imaginary European city which faces an array of familiar social, political and economic issues. Contestants will be tasked with:

  • familiarising with the city context
  • identifying and prioritising challenges
  • considering how modern technologies could tackle these challenges
  • writing a 1500 - 2000 words essay that summarises and explains solutions

In addition to cash prizes, successful candidates will also be invited to attend an award ceremony at GLOBSEC 2018 Bratislava Forum. This year’s event will also provide opportunities to present your ideas to high level representatives from the world of business, politics and technology and network with the GLOBSEC Young Leader’s Forum. Finally, GLOBSEC will publish the winners’ essays and distribute them to its global network of influential thought leaders and other stakeholders.

The GLOBSEC City Challenge is organised by GLOBSEC as part of its InnoTech Initiative which includes both the Challenge and the InnoTech topical cluster at the GLOBSEC 2018 Bratislava Forum. At the Forum, high-level stakeholders from the public and private sector will discuss and propose practical strategies for utilising new technologies for the good of the global society.

The objectives of the Initiative are to:

  • raise awareness of the implications of new technologies
  • narrow down the focus of industries for their future business operations
  • contribute to building a progressive, stimulating and talent-oriented business environment
  • highlight priorities for policymakers

‘’Our societies face an almost continuous challenge of adapting to a more competitive, interconnected and interdependent world,’’ says Ronald Blaško, GLOBSEC’s Corporate and Strategic Relations Director. ‘’We ask young people to embrace new technologies to help an imaginary community - examples of which can be found in many parts of Europe - to return to prosperity and share the wealth with the whole community.’’

Further details, registration forms and important dates can be found here.

GLOBSEC looks forward to receiving submissions by 10th April.