GLOBSEC Healthcare Readiness Index

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GLOBSEC will hold an event introducing its unique composite index project: the Health Readiness Index. The presentation will focus on the Index’s objectives, benefits, uniqueness, methodology, and future developments that will allow the construction of a useful tool for public health systems’ decision-makers and stakeholders.

Which countries are currently most ready and should be considered the “role models” in healthcare? To assess the readiness of any country to face healthcare challenges, whether it is the covid pandemic or the increasing rate of multimorbid patients, a variety of factors needs to be considered. These range from basic indicators of health expenditure to complex composite indicators such as DALYs. Each indicator portrays some aspect of readiness, but to have a complete picture, it is vital to analyse the variable of time. So, to have a truly comprehensive, effective, and all-encompassing overview at hand, GLOBSEC introduces its Health Readiness Index. Follow the event to learn more about its potential. You can register for the session here and attend it online via Zoom. For more information, see the PDF below.