Press release

GLOBSEC 2020/2021 Overview


GLOBSEC is a global think-tank committed to enhancing security, prosperity and sustainability in Europe and throughout the world. Its mission is to influence the future by generating new ideas and solutions for a better and safer world. The main embodiment of these efforts is the annual GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum, one of the leading conferences on global security in the world. GLOBSEC also organizes the annual GLOBSEC Tatra Summit, a conference that provides the opportunity for experts to have fruitful political discussions on the future of Europe as well as the annual Château Béla gathering, where policymakers, thinkers, non-governmental representatives, corporate representatives and elected officials from multiple fields and countries gather to discuss current pressing challenges.

The GLOBSEC Policy Institute is a policy-oriented think-tank analyzing foreign policy and international environment. While being an integral part of the GLOBSEC organization, it focuses on research which is relevant to decision-makers, business leaders and all citizens concerned. Its ambition is to help people make sense of the world and identify how the world might make more sense to people – through better policies. The aim of this GLOBSEC Overview is to map our activities during the past business cycle of July 2020/December 2021. The GLOBSEC team would like to thank all our partners and supporters. Without their help our mission and activities would not be possible.