Press release

GLOBSEC to Strengthen Cooperation with Munich Security Conference


GLOBSEC is excited to announce that it is set to build on this year’s partnership with the Munich Security Conference with even closer cooperation in 2019. Today, GLOBSEC President Róbert Vass and Chairman Rastislav Káčer are in Berlin to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Munich Security Conference Chairman Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger that will take relations between both organisations to another level.

The scope of the proposed cooperation between two of the biggest global forums is broad and ambitious. Over the course of next year, both organisations will explore the possibility of strengthening relations through a conference-to-conference partnership that provides opportunities for co-hosting side meetings, roundtables and similar events. It is expected that these gatherings will attract high-profile participants from business, academic, policymaking and other sectors to discuss issues shaping the core themes of GLOBSEC’s Bratislava Forum and Munich Security Conference 2019.

Both organisations are also committed to enhancing dialogue in all areas of common and mutual interest. Opportunities for cooperation include sharing data, analysis and information to support research projects, and developing high-quality thematic content for annual reports and other publications. The latter includes the Munich Security Report, which this year featured data from GLOBSEC Trends 2017 and highlighted One Alliance: The Future Tasks of the Adapted Alliance as essential reading.

It is further anticipated that increased cooperation between GLOBSEC and the Munich Security Conference will result in joint research and analysis of topics and issues of mutual interest. Key themes and regional perspectives emanating from this project will be highlighted by in-house experts and discussed by participants at each other’s flagship events.

‘’As Central Europe’s leading think tank, GLOBSEC is determined to bring this part of the world and Western Europe closer together for conversations that matter,’’ says GLOBSEC President Róbert Vass. ‘’We’re confident that we can fulfil this ambition with the Munich Security Conference and spur our Visegrad 4 colleagues into greater participation in conversations that lead to constructive ideas and solutions.’’

Next year promises to be an exciting one for Slovakia, with its Chairmanship of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, presidency of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development and continued presidency of the Visegrad 4.  For its part, GLOBSEC looks forward to raising the profile of its home country in such a critical year through closer relations with the Munich Security Conference. We’ll keep you posted with key updates throughout the year.