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GLOBSEC Tatra Summit 2018 – Press/Social Media Roundup


National and international press coverage of Tatra Summit 2018 has been extensive and comprehensive. Here’s a round-up of some of the talking points and guest participants that have made the news over the past few days.

Pellegrini Talks Syria and BREXIT

Global coverage of the Peter Pellegrini’s visit to Strbske Pleso was dominated by two issues. In an interview on the sidelines of Tatra Summit 2018 , the Slovak Prime Minister indicated that there is a 50% chance that the EU will strike a BREXIT agreement with the UK this month. The priority is to have the framework of a deal agreed when EU leaders meet mid-October, ahead of a November summit where final technical details can be worked out, he said in this article for the New York Times.

Prime Minister Pellegrini also outlined why Slovakia might break with its neighbours and take in several dozen orphaned Syrian children. "We are politicians but when we look at the suffering of the Syrian orphans, currently being taken care of by another member state, I think we should be more humane," the Prime Minister said in this EURONEWS feature.

"Slovakia's economy, Slovakia's society, or Slovakia's culture can't be threatened by several dozen orphans who would be placed in our children's homes,’’ he added. The Prime Minister’s comments were picked up by Belgium’s RTL as well as Greek and Romanian outlets.

Vestager Upbeat

Several articles highlighted Margrethe Vestager's upbeat message that Google is showing progress in addressing its competition concerns. EURONEWS highlighted the European Competition Commissioner’s comments that proposals to increase competition in online shopping are starting to bear fruit. In doing so, The Hill reports, the company might avoid the type of fines imposed by the European Commission in recent years.

At the end of September, Google issued a second progress report to the European Commission. “We see improvements in numbers, but we are still following it very, very closely and have taken no decision yet,” Vestager outlined in this Silicon Republic article.

The European Commissioner also used Tatra Summit 2018 to outline her future plans and aspirations. Vestager told POLITICO that she has made clear to the Danish government that she would like to keep her job in the next mandate, even though her party is in opposition. She refused to be drawn, however, on who will become the next Commission president.

Digital Tax Decisions…And More

France’s Bruno Le Maire was one of several European finance ministers to participate at Tatra Summit 2018. Speaking at a press conference with his German and Slovak counterparts, he indicated that a decision on a European digital tax would be made by the end of the year.

Le Maire’s comments, which were highlighted by Le Figaro and Les Echos, followed a joint declaration made earlier in the day by V4 Finance Ministers on financing the EU budget.

"The European Union needs a modern budget that will be able to respond effectively and with sufficient capacity to economic and political priorities, investment plans, but also possible problems. A simple and transparent system of V4 funding is a step in this direction, " Slovakia’s Finance Minister Peter Kažimir told Pravda.

Another important announcement came with the official launch of the Slovak Battery Alliance. At a press conference involving Mr Kažimir, European Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič, and Vice-President of the EIB Vazil Hudak, journalists were told how the Alliance will help Slovakia to become a future automotive power. As Mr Šefčovič told finweb:

"We expect the European battery market to be worth € 250 billion by 2025. If we do not want to send all of this money to Asia, Europe needs to take action quickly."

Over on Social Media

Social media mentions concerning Tatra Summit 2018 were particularly impressive. On day one for example:

  • The Slovak Battery Alliance announcement reached at least 66,000 Twitter accounts
  • Margrethe Vestager’s comments reached at least 10,000 Twitter followers
  • The V4 Declaration reached at least 12,000 Twitter
  • There were at least 115,000 Facebook impressions

Day two was equally impressive:

  • 17,000 Twitter accounts reached
  • 86,200 Facebook impressions

GLOBSEC is delighted with the coverage that Tatra Summit 2018 has already received. We’ll keep you updated in the days and weeks ahead.