GLOBSEC Trends 2022: Latvia

Over the past year, Latvians, like others in the region, have expressed increased support for Western institutions and become more wary of Russia. Latvian satisfaction with democracy, now at 58%, puts the country second highest in the region. Meanwhile, dissatisfaction with the governance system decreased over the past two years, although it remains higher than in other Central and Eastern European countries.  

Latvians are less aware of Chinese influence efforts than Russian malign tactics. A majority still do not know who Xi Jinping is and/or whether to view him favourably or unfavourably. While understanding of Chinese threats remains low, China is not seen as a potential role model of governance. This can potentially be attributed to the fact that Russian disinformation have already been analysed by journalists and policy makers for years, whereas Chinese activities have been less visible in the information space. 

This report analyses satisfaction with democracy in Latvia and changes in attitudes towards China over the past year, with a focus on the youth (people aged 18-24). 

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