Information war monitor for Central Europe: July 2017 George Soros

on 31.07.2017

Disinformation outlets in Central Europe have been pursuing discrediting campaign against George Soros. This notion is nothing new, the billionaire has been for many years object of many conspiratory theories. With his activities and charities supporting the rights of LGBTI groups or Roma minority inclusion, he has always been depicted in Central Europe as the person who wants to uproar the traditional values and traditional family. Non-governmental organizations getting funding from foundations established by George Soros, have been in Central Europe labelled as Soros’ agents and were supposedly puppets in the Jewish conspiracy to rule the world.

Written by Katarína Klingová, reseach fellow at GLOBSEC Policy Institute. This document was published in the framework of projects run by the GLOBSEC Policy Institute and supported by the National Endowment for Democracy. ICT tool >versus<, developed by the Beacon Project of the International Republican Institute, was used by the researchers for data collection. 

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