DIFF GOV  – „European Governance: Potential of Differentiated Cooperation“ –  is an international project which  explores  the potential for flexible modes of cooperation between European Union member states in four areas: economic cooperation, Schengen zone, Common Security and Defence Policy, and Foreign and Neighbourhood Policy.

The project has three main goals:

  1. To foster dialogue between researchers, experts and public administrations in order to enhance the governance of EU.
  2. To encourage more interest and understanding among the general public in the EU’s decision making processes.
  3. To contribute to a timely discussion on differentiated integration in Europe, with special attention paid to Central and Eastern Europe.

Why is it important to study multispeed Europe?

The success and failure of the European Union are two sides of the same coin: its diversity and ability – or inability – to act together. The EU is stronger when it is united and moving towards the same goal. But in the light of recent manifestations of centrifugal forces, today’s EU moves at different speeds (multi-speed) and levels (variable geometry) but not always towards the same goal. And while the EU will somehow manage to keep going, the number of challenges it now faces (mass migration, an unfinished eurozone, disrespect for the rule of law in some member states) suggests that it may no longer be the safest option. Given that multispeed Europe is inevitable, the challenge is to ascertain whether, how much and where differentiation is necessary, sustainable and acceptable as well as how future approaches towards differentiation fare in the light of these findings.

How we will do it?

By inviting researchers, experts, staff of public administrations and others to join the debate. We will launch a series of roundtables and public discussions in Slovakia where participants from different EU countries (workshops) and the general public (city talks) will have an opportunity to present their positions, analyse case studies and participate actively in discussions. Each working topic will be discussed on both a pan-European and regional level.

We will publish a series of papers and blogs related to the topic, including the final report  “European Governance: Potential of Differentiated Cooperation”, which will be presented in Bratislava  Summer 2020.

In total, the DIFF GOV work programme consists of 9 activities with 16 directly connected outputs, 4 outcomes and sustainable impact in 3 specific areas.

This GLOBSEC project is supported by  Jean Monnet Activities of the EU Programme Erasmus+ and will be implemented between 1 September 2018 – 31 August 2020.

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Kinga Brudzinska, Senior Research Fellow, Future of Europe Programme

Vladislava Gubalova, Acting Head of Future of Europe Programme

Jakub Wisniewski, Director of the GLOBSEC Policy Institute

Erika Mesíková, Project Manager, Strategic Forums

Miroslava Benčičová, Finance Coordinator



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